There's born in 1980. The page which is able to find animation character from birthday or age easily with rakinged ordering on R-18.ORG
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野々原姫子 ののはらひめこ Nonoharahimeko Age:36 (1980-01-30) 0cm B:0( ) W:0 H:0 1 Pages

三木 清良

三木 清良 みき きよら Age:36 (1980-04-17) 159cm O B:0( ) W:0 H:0 4 Pages

峰 龍太郎

峰 龍太郎 Age:36 (1980-07-26) 182cm B B:0( ) W:0 H:0 4 Pages


木刀の竜 ぼくとうのりゅう Bokutounoryuu Age:35 (1980-12-23) 0cm O B:0( ) W:0 H:0 3 Pages