There's born in Nov.1985 The page which is able to find animation character from birthday or age easily with rakinged ordering on R-18.ORG
前原 しのぶ

前原 しのぶ まえはら しのぶ Age:30 (1985-11-14) 155cm O B:0( ) W:0 H:0 2 Pages


ニャモ・ナーモ Age:30 (1985-11-15) 159cm O B:83(D ) W:58 H:86 2 Pages


赤木リツコ あかぎりつこ Akagiritsuko Age:30 (1985-11-19) 0cm B:0( ) W:0 H:0 196 Pages


ホロホロ ほろほろ Horohoro Age:30 (1985-11-26) 0cm O B:0( ) W:0 H:0 3 Pages