There's born in Jul.1995 The page which is able to find animation character from birthday or age easily with rakinged ordering on R-18.ORG
藤咲 なでしこ

藤咲 なでしこ ふじさき なでしこ Age:21 (1995-07-03) 0cm AB B:0( ) W:0 H:0 1 Pages

朝日奈 風斗

朝日奈 風斗 あさひな ふうと Age:21 (1995-07-06) 168cm B B:0( ) W:0 H:0 42 Pages


矢澤にこ やざわにこ Yazawaniko Age:21 (1995-07-19) 154cm/40kg A B:71(AAA ) W:57 H:79 38 Pages