There's born in Jan.1998 The page which is able to find animation character from birthday or age easily with rakinged ordering on R-18.ORG
鳥居 夏実

鳥居 夏実 とりい なつみ Age:18 (1998-01-03) 155cm/42kg B:75(A ) W:55 H:80 13 Pages


小泉花陽 こいずみかよう Koizumikayou Age:18 (1998-01-15) 156cm/46kg B B:82(C ) W:60 H:83 38 Pages


清継 きよしつぎ Kiyoshitsugi Age:18 (1998-01-29) 0cm B:0( ) W:0 H:0 13 Pages